Bizarre USB port issue

Hi all,

Since the hard drive got replaced on my laptop about a year ago, I've only had one working USB port on my laptop. This hasn't been an issue, as I've coped by using a USB splitter. Unfortunately, my laptop has recently started to behave differently depending on what I plug into the splitter.

For example, speakers always work when plugged into the splitter, as does my Numark Mixtrack Pro II DJ controller. However, I can't get any mouses to work. My laptop also doesn't detect my phone when plugged into the splitter.

I've tried removing the splitter and plugging a mouse/ phone directly into my laptop and it still doesn't work, so the problem clearly isn't the splitter. I've tried reinstalling the USB driver things in device manager, but I'm still having the same issue.

Wtf is going on? Running Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit, if that's relevant.


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Since the hard drive got replaced on my laptop about a year ago
After replacing the hard drive and I assume you reinstalled Windows???
Did you go back to the laptop manufacturer's website and download all the drivers for your laptop especially chipset drivers and anything pertaining to USB devices?
Without knowing the specifics regarding the laptop manufacter, laptop name, laptop number including any number after a dash or space, it is difficult to help further.
I assume that replacing the hard drive wasn't due to some catastrophic physical damage maybe from a drop or something that may have damaged the other ports on the device?


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I find that sometimes USB devices leave behind corrupted registry settings or at least unusable ones. I have used USB Scrub freeware by Nexcopy to remove these entries. It is a few seconds to run and I have noticed no other effects from it. I see the Nexcopy website obscures it but it is definitely is there. I was introduced to it by this link several years ago.

The link on the page is this one and I just checked and it still works.

I usually run it after using and removing a couple of dozen USB devices. This resets the state of the device to Windows and results in a driver re-install.

Good luck.

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