Windows 7 Black Desktop and Black Task Bar


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Hi all,

Everytime I restart, wake up from sleep, or shut down and start again my computer, it goes to an all black back ground and task bar. I have seen this before in other forums with people using Mesh, and with the new update it fixes it. I do not have Mesh installed on my computer. Windows is still fully functional though but all the icons invisible on the desktop and pin up bar. If I guess correctly and double click on the desktop I can open the shortcut that used to be visible there. Any ideas?



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Just to let you know it's not just your computer... I also had this exact same problem with Build 6801.. all i did though was reinstall.. it did it again once after the reinstall but by that time Build 7000 was about to be released so I just waited for that and downloaded/installed it and never had the problem again.. ;) I'm sorry this doesn't really help you solve the problem.. I just wanted to let ya know your not the only one it's happened to without having mesh installed..

This does sound like a driver problem though.. perhaps a gpu driver.. which video card are you using? And which driver? I know the preview driver from ATI (NOT the most recent one) had some problems with it.. I'm using the Windows 7 Beta Driver Package (this IS the most recent one) from ATI now on Builds 7000 and 7022 and have had no visual problems at all... :) I'm not too sure what going on with nVidia and Windows 7 though as far as gpu's go as I've always used ATI video cards...

If you do have an ATI card and are using the Windows 7 beta driver package I'd suggest uninstalling that and try using the most recent Windows Vista driver as it's supposed to work...


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I had this same problem, and after the latest drivers fron Nvidia, it went away. I also noticed that when I would quite the process "DWM.exe" it would return my system to normal (Regual background - and my pinned apps would show up.)


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Thanks guys, quitting that fixed it. It still does it every time I restart or wake from sleep as before but it is definitely less frustrating as I can get it back to working quick now.

A few other things you may find interesting; I can change the background theme and I get the back ground back but nothing on the pinup bar. I can also see all of my shortcuts and programs. But if I just change the picture and not the theme nothing happens.

Thanks for the help, I guess I'll have to wait till the next build for a permanent solution eh!

I have a nVidia card.