Windows 10 black screen when installing with burnt disc


HI, i have windows 7 Ultimate x64 and tried to install windows 10 using an blank DVD and an ISO file distributed by Microsoft,after downloading the file i have just burnt the file to the disc and booted the computer by it. the blue logo appears on a black background and after a while the loading animation starts for a brief moment, then the screen freezes for a couple of seconds and the screen just goes black without any cursor or other answer from the machine. any help or solution? thanks in advance.

PS: English is not my native language (this would be Portuguese [Brazillian] so sorry for any syntax error)
Run the install disc from inside Windows first... don't boot by it.
i've tried it but it all comes to the same place, after the few "nexts" the screen goes into an pink setup screen (i'm colorblind could be other color) and after that, the black one just appears suddenly

PS: on both tries i've waited over an hour for an answer from the setup program
How old is the hardware and what Internet access?
good 1mbps internet access, by the recommended hardware from microsoft i have two times the necessary to run windows 10, but the computer's from 2009 (upgraded graphics card and processor from 2012)
So 4g of ram and at least 40g hdd with a 2gh or better chip... it sounds to me like this system is open to the upgrade but blocked by some software problem.
I would:
the reset;
  • Remove the current hdd and replace it with something blank from about the same age... this step covers your backup but more importantly gets us around any 3rd party blockage on the harddrive file system i.e. old crap software like Norton or bitlocker may have once been on the other drive.
  • With the new drive in the machine, install your W7 ult 64 and activate it on this fresh machine
  • Download at least the sp1 and drivers for the graphics (any other hdd) to the point that it works and doesn't give any errors in the Microsoft device manager... remove any hardware that won't play ball eg, an old floppy drive may be a bugger to get drivers and just isn't worth the stress so toss it.
the upgrade;
Starting from the desktop, insert your usb with the WX boot files and run the install from there then follow the steps

Screenshot (139).png

To be clear, install sp1 and your hdd drivers on the W7U but that's it, no anti-v, browsers or any thing else that doesn't have to be there... if the machice can run WX then this is your best bet to get it working.