Windows 7 Black taskbar and desktop


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Jan 13, 2009
Look at the screenshot.

The problem started when explorer freezed, and i needed to restart my computer. It stod still at 'Logging off' so i needed to use the powerbutton.
When i started next time, this is what happend.
This is the second time it happend, on different computers.

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Where did you receive your copy of windows 7 from? What software packages do you have installed on windows 7?
Same problem here..

I have the same problem here. Are we alone or have others experienced this?

I had been successfully running W7 for about a week and this seemed to happen all of a sudden.
if you do ctrl-alt-del and start task manager, then do alt tab and select your desktop you will be able to see your icons etc.

i had this this morning, i solved it by turning up uac back to defaults as i had turned it down to the second option.

then relogged and it came up as normal.

Do a search and you'll find the answer. It's your video driver!!!! CHANGE IT!! I'm guessin you've got the 177 Nvidia get rid of it and install 181.20
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