Blue Screen after startup and sleep mode


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I am getting blue screens shortly after startup and sleep mode wakeup, It has been doing it since day one. I have replaced EVERY thing on the computer except the cpu and the motherboard and still the same problem. It is a new custom build,
the specs are:
I7 920 cpu
850WATT THERMALTAKE power supply
NVIDEA 9800 GT video card

Attached are some memory dump files

Thanks for any info!


what is the BSOD code?

the event viewer is probably listing something under critical and the performance event viewer (action center) probably has similar information about a bad driver?


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The actual blue screen message is; "a clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor within the allocated time interval".
The only critical error in the event viewer is a kernal power error that says; "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly."
The windows action center says nothing.

that clearly indicates a CPU or mobo problem all provided you do not overclock.

Try reseating the CPU (watch for bent pins)


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Is there anyway to pin point whether it's the CPU or the motherboard?
It has an overclock profile, I used it a little bit at first to browse the Internet and run a few applications, but never noticed a significant increase in performance so I mainly have been using the default settings.

Only by swapping over/out either the CPU or mobo - you have a good chance that reseating the CPU (bad pin contact) may cure your problem.


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I reseated the cpu and still the same problem. What should I start replacing first, the cpu or the motherboard?

smartest would be to see a shop let them swap it over and find out!

if no shop you probably have a buddy (?) who can borrow a CPU (easiest) first and see? - you do not really need the same CPU for testing.


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I have had it to two computer shops and they can't find/tell me nothing

what exactly did the shops? - could they tell that? :rolleyes:

They both had it for a week, but it wouldn't blue screen the entire time they had it, so they did their scans and told me that there is nothing wrong with it. I have even had it back for warrenty and they couldn't get it to blue screen either.


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Are you using the latest Nvidia drivers for your video card?

Do you have some device being used now that was not present when you had it checked?

Have you tried changing the wall plug for power?

Yes I have the latest Drivers. I have moved the computer to a different station with a different moniter, keyboard and mouse and still the same problem. I have bought a new harddrive and installed a fresh new Windows 7 with nothing else and also with just a moniter, keyboard and mouse and it would still blue screen. I have also swapped the ram and the video card.


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OK, this is getting serious now....;)

Have you tried loading another OS or running the Ubuntu Linux Live CD?

Can you disable any devices on your motherboard in the bios?

It appears Win 7 loads normally, which seems strange if you are not adding any devices after the install.

Have you ever had access to the mini-dump file?

Can we come up with a reason why the computer will blue screen when you have it, but not when a repair facility has it? Power cable--mouse or keyboard--monitor---?

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I have tried loading both xp and vista, same problem.
I not very knowledgable with the bios settings, however I did a bios update through windows with asus update.
I have some minidimp files attached at the begining of the thread, I can't figure out why it won't blue screen at a computer shop. I have litterally swapped everything except the cpu, motherboard and the power supply.


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Well, if the system will not blue screen at other locations, take it to another location. There is always a remote possibility the power in your location is bad.

It just seems strange that you get blue screens 100% of the time and the other folks don't get any.

I cannot open your .zip file you posted, but it may just be me. I couldn't read it if I could, but others can.

If you decide to try to replace the CPU, you could get a cheap one for testing. The problem you might have, is that if you decide to replace the motherboard, you may end up going to a different chip.

You do know about the need for good thermal compound when replacing chips??

Do you use a UPS? (power backup)

if so disconnect it and plug directly into mains - problem solved!

No I don't use one, it is plugged directly into the wall power outlet. I thought installing one would solve my problem.

try turning off any power saving features in the bios and run the windows7 power scheme with high performance

If it is true that the problem is only at your place change power point and see then call a sparky to check the grid power pollution.

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