Bluetooth problems?

Hey guys,

I'm running RC1 and such, and I'm having problems with my Bluetooth mouse. It's a Logitech MX-1000.

What happens is after a few days and such, it just disconnects from Windows. The battery is fine (still full, according to the display on the mouse). I'm completely unable to reconnect it.

My bluetooth adapter is a D-Link DBT-122. There are no Win7 drivers for it specifically.

Sometimes it refuses to reconnect - in that case I reboot Windows and it usually fixed the problem. But this time, after multiple reboots, a new problem popped up: it connects, but just doesn't work, and after a minute or two the mouse gets removed from Windows automatically. I have no idea what's going on with this thing.

So I'm guessing it's one of three things:

1- The mouse itself is faulty. I'll have to test it on another device, but it's a possibility.
2- The bluetooth adapter is faulty. Never had problems with it before, but you never know. I doubt it's that, too - my MX5000 wireless keyboard is still connected, as always, and has zero issues.
3- The bluetooth stack for this specific device is bad in Windows 7.

I'm leaning towards 1, but I don't know what I can do to fix it.

Anybody has an idea?

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