Boot Mgr. Entry after upgrade to win 7 pro

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by nitewulf, Nov 24, 2009.

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    I have been playing lately and decided to run some scenarios. The first thing I did was put in a new hard drive and load XP. Clean install, not other programs or updates loaded.

    I then put in another clean hard drive and went to the bios to set the new drive as drive 0 (first priority). I then installed Windows 7 by booting to the DVD and doing a Custom install on the new drive, but the install never saw the XP install. I had a 100 MB partition and could not get the dual boot to work. Every time I tried to load XP (after I had used bcdedit to add the loader), the computer rebooted. I was just using Bcdedit since I was playing. I have heard (according to a post in this forum) that the 1.7 version of EasyBCD does not handle Windows 7 completely and you need the 2.0 Beta to work correctly, but you have to join their group to download it.

    I then wiped the Windows 7 drive and left the XP drive as drive 0 and installed Windows 7 again, exactly the same way. This time, no 100 MB partition and the dual boot worked great, without any help from me.

    I have't found out why yet, but I am just starting to invistigate the Bootrec.exe utility to see if I can figure it out.

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