Can't use system recovery after upgrade to windows 7

I tried to upgrade my windows vista to 7 few hours ago. but i just did a big mistake. in stead of choose Upgrade to keep my OEM, i chose Advance Option. So, it made a clear install and my OEM was gone. i restart and fresh F11 to go to system recovery but it did not work even i tried many time. My laptop is HP dv2710us. can anyone help me, please?


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It may or may not be possible to get your data back.
Look and see if there is a file on your C: Drive named "Windows Old"?

If you don't see it make sure that you have "Show Hidden Files and Folders" set in folder options.

If you are lucky Windows will have saved your old data during the install.
I know it did this when I updated my old computer from XP to 7 doing a clean install, but I understand that it doesn't always do this (I have no idea why).
I was surprised that my data was still there, I had spent a lot of time backing everything up before the upgrade because I didn't expect it to be.

If you see your data there and you have Windows 7 installed I would suggest that you just create new folders and copy the data to where ever you want it.
Fortunately Windows 7 does a good job of finding you drivers.

You will have to reinstall all your software. The only way to have your software work was to do an upgrade to start with.

Hope this helps... Good Luck.


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unfortunately, i deleted the windows.old, all i have now is recovery pattern, but i can't access system recovery.
thanks for your help.


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I'm afraid that any system recovery would require the "Windows Old" folder, so I guess you are out of luck.

I would suggest that you get an external USB hard drive and back up all your data to it in the future.
They are very cheap now and Windows 7s back up utility works pretty well.

I'm so paranoid that I have two external hard drives and back everything up to both of them.
Neither one of which do I turn on unless I'm using it.


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