Windows 10 Can't start games after upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7


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Hello. Yesterday I upgraded my Windows 7 (x64) to Windows 10; all seemed to work great when I noticed that games that I have installed couldn't running. If I try to start a game (in this case, I tried with StarCraft II and Heroes of Storm), I get a crash error that returns me to the desktop, the game doesn't start nothing, I don't see a game screen, it crashes when it starts to load; the same happens with another games I tried (WarCraft III, for example).

I have two graphic cards, one integrated: Intel HD Graphics (used for desktop and programs) and a nVIDIA GeForce GT 540M what is used for games. I updated the drivers of that last card to the most recent version (for Windows 10).

I don't know what is this happening, I think it's relationed with the graphic card because the other things seem to work fine.

Because I couldn't solve it, I do a rollback to the Windows 7 again, while I wait for a solution.

All your help, experience or information would be very useful, thanks for it.