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I Installed Windows 7 On My HP G6000 Laptop. But At The End Of Installation, I Read A Message That Some Files In Windows Are Missing. I Want To Install Another Windows In It. But It Is Not Booting From Cd Rom( Means, Not Showing "Press Any Key To Continue" Which Shows Immediately After Booting From CD Rom). DVD Rom Of Laptop Is Not Working. I Have Attached Another Dvd Rom Through USB With HP G6000. I Am Not Able To Recover Old Windows. Now, What And How Should I Do? Thanks In Advance


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A few questions:

1. Is your copy of Windows a retail full install copy or is it some other version?

2. Did you run a full clean install, formatting the drive before you ran it or did you run an update install?

3. On the other Windows install, I assume that as it is on the pc from which you booted the first disk that you have set the optical drive as the first boot device and again, is it a full retail version?

4. Do you know that it is a bootable disk, if you are unsure try booting from it on another pc.

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You can install any Full Version Windows on any computer in the whole wide world. Just be sure it's a full version.

EDIT: It may be your DVD drive fails > check cables > unplug > plug. And you could try disabling USB3 > to USB2.

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I recently joined this forum, and i am blessed that i came across this forum site. i learnt so many things about windows 7.

I install the windows 7 in lap top.The system is to be scanned fully.What problem ?i don't know.Some time the system is to be hanged.


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I'm not sure I get you correct, but do you already have Windows installed? If that's the case, it's most likely Windows Defender or some other that suggests you do a full scan. It's mainly a precaution, and refers to the fact that you have "never" made a scan - that kind of alerts the security guards, which is only a good thing. Just do the scan.

If you get this kind of scan urge when installing Windows, I'm puzzled.

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