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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Software' started by amitsardana, Dec 11, 2011.

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    I had windows 7 and i installed red hat linux by creating a partition.
    When ever i boot the linux is the default OS which will come up unless i dont select the windows 7 manually.
    Now i wanted to remove the Linux so i removed the partition from windows.
    After reboot i see GRUB.Can you let me know how to go ahead and boot the windows now.And finally how to remove the linux completely.
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    I am not totally sure what you are seeing when you boot. If you see a Grub boot loader, do the first part of my response. If you are seeing a Windows 7 boot menu, try the last part.

    Do you have an install DVD or Repair CD for Windows 7? If so, boot to it and use the repair option on the second page of the Install DVD, but use the Startup Repair option. It might take several runs to get it all repaired, hard to say for sure.

    You might be able to boot to either one and use the Bootsect /nt60 command to replace the Windows 7 boot scheme.

    Or download and use EasyBCD, latest version 2, so you can rewrite the Master Boot Record.

    You say you removed a partition, I will assume it was the one you made for Linux.
    If you are already booting into the Windows 7 boot menu, if you cannot remove and entry using msconfig.exe, you could use EasyBCD or BCDedit (a command line utility) or maybe replace your BCD Store by using the BCDBoot utility.

    Let us know. It is always good to have a picture of Disk Management using the snipping tool. It helps us see any possible problems with your configuration. If you want, just attach using the paperclip on the advanced responses.

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