BOOTMGR is missing.

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    Hello. I have searched for this error message in this and other forums and tried to follow the steps in those solutions but haven't had any luck.

    Here is a screenshot of the Disk Management window with my drive information:

    I used to run Windows XP Pro and it was installed to what is now the E: drive in the screenshot (it used to be C:). Eventually, I got a new computer and it came with a larger hard drive (C: in the screenshot) with Windows XP Pro installed. I wanted some extra space so I put my two old hard drives into the new computer and reformatted the old C: drive (now E: in the screenshot) to use as storage.

    Everything was working fine until earlier today when I installed Windows 7. I reformatted the C: drive through the installation program so that only Windows 7 would be my operating system. It seemed to be working fine but after I rebooted for some update installations, I got the error message "BOOTMGR is missing." I can boot into Windows 7 if the installation disc is in the drive but if I remove it, I get the error.

    I have tried the automated system recovery tool after booting from the Windows 7 disc, used bootrec and bootsect, checked my device boot order and hard drive boot order in my BIOS, and still have this problem. Does anyone know a solution?

    Additional Info:
    My SATA hard drive is partitioned into C: (for the operating system) and D: (for storage)
    The two IDE hard drives are E: and F: for additional space.
    E:\boot exists but C:\boot does not.
    When I used the repair tool it was able to find the Windows 7 installation but when I used the command prompt to use bootrec, bootrec /scanos and bootrec /rebuildbcd did not find any installations.
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