Both 7 and Vista slow & freezing.


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Hi guys, sorry if this is in the wrong area but hey, I'm new :p

So today I tried to use the main desktop computer (Windows Vista SP2) and found it was extremely slow to respond, and that any program I opened would imediately freeze. (For example, Spotify, Steam and Windows explorer). Thinking it just needed a restart, I turned it off and in stead used my laptop (Which runs windows 7).

So that was fine for a while, but then about 2/3 hours later after having the laptop on the same network, it started showing the same symptoms (The CPU seems to spend a lot of time at 100% despite nothing visible happening too) . Both have also reported that the nVidea graphics driver 'stopped working but has recovered' (accompanied by the screen flashing on and off for a bit).

I'm not sure what is causing all this, but I'm thinking either an automatic software update gone wrong, or some kind of virus/malware. I did notice a process called lxrautorun.exe running that I'd never seen previously, but didn't find anything bad about it on google.

Since I can't do anything when booting windows normally, I've been restricted to only programs that will run in safe mode. That rules out my virus scanner and windows update, neither of which seem to work in safe mode. So far I've tried system restores and even ran a registry cleaner (CCleaner), neither of which had any effect. I did run a Spybot Search & Destroy scan which didn't find anything.

If anybody can think of anything I can do, it would be a massive help :) I'm not really sure what's gone wrong yet, never mind how to fix it.

Thanks for your help :)

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