Bought Used Computer at Auction


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I just bought a Dell Inspiron 1750 laptop at an auction for items confiscated by the police. I need to change the original user ID and password so I thought the security forum might be the place to ask this question. During startup, it flashed the Windows screen so I know that it has Windows, but not which version. There are no stickers on the laptop to indicate which version either. At the sign-in screen it shows the original owner's ID and asks for the password (naturally). When I click on the "Change Password" option, it tells me that I will need to create a password change disc. How do I change the ID and password on this computer? Getting in touch with the original owner is, of course, a non-starter. Appreciate any help. Thanks.

Edit: I just found the Windows version. It is Windows 7 Home Premium. I will update this to Win10 when I can get into the system.
If you have proof of purchase I would take it to a computer repair shop. They can remove the password.

Better option would be to just do a clean install of Windows 10, since there is no telling what was on the system.