BSOD and problems with almost all USB devices

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)' started by Lachshmock, Jul 13, 2012.

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    Hi, a few days ago I was playing a game online with friends (Minecraft if needed) and my keyboard stopped working. It is a logitech wireless keyboard, so at first I assumed it was out of batteries. I got completely new batteries, but it didn't work even then. I then unplugged it and my PC BSOD'd. Since then I've had problems not only with it, but almost all other USB devices, excluding my Microsoft external hardware devices (mouse and lifechat headset). During startup the wireless keyboard works fine, I can run startup tools such as B2B, selecting safe mode (which doesn't help the situation at all) etc. But when the user login screen finally loads where I can select my account and login, it miraculously stops working, so I have to resort to the on-screen keyboard. Also, my USB Netgear N-type Network adaptor refuses to work, and running diagnostics tells me there is a problem with the driver even though I have repeatedly re-installed the correct and up-to-date driver for it. Removing the USB dongle which connects to the keyboard results in BSOD, and I can't check the dump files for the error because I have to authenticate my Visual C++ 2010 account, which I can't do as I have no internet access apart from my laptop due to the malfuctioning adaptor. I'm thinking it has a problem to do with ALL non-microsoft-issued USB devices. Can anyone help??!
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    Laschshmock have you tried system restore? You could also try pressing f8 when booting and then from the resulting menu click 'last good known configuration'.

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