BSOD During installation of windows 7 ultimate

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    Jan 11, 2012
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    Details: Toshiba NB250 1gb ram
    250gb hdd

    here's what i did

    the netbook came with win 7 starter
    then i entered recovery environment pressing f8 then command prompt then format drive c
    then booted up with my external hard drive which have the bootable iso fo windows 7
    then pressed install now ...custom...advanced options deleted partition (that includes recovery thingy by my toshiba) then its nly 1 partition
    then i installed it there (installer formatted the drive automatically)
    then when its in completing installation phase it will say...restarting..... then once it restarts i get to the start up screen after few minutes it will just boot with a bsod then restarts then repeating cycle again and again...... i tried system repair and auto repair all of its diagnostics are 0x0 except in the end with a phrase Root Cause
    Failure while Setup is in Progress.

    the bsod is this

    0x0000007B (0X80786B58,0XC0000034,0X00000000,0X00000000)

    if in tutorial im stuck in this step Wait for Windows 7 Setup to Begin Again (Step 18 of 34) then i encoutner that bsod ...... i dk why but in other forums says mbr problem so tried mbr commands fixing it no luck still same

    also..... im installing correctly. i mean my usb is the first boot device..when i install then in completing installation will boot from my hard drive...but will just go from start....the one that is language etc WHY

    what to do>?
    tried memory diagnostics and other things that were suggested with problems similar to this...but no avail T_T
    i tried fixmbr etc ....nothing happens still same verified mbr stored in drive c it is there

    now im trying to format my drive using command prompt with diskpart....then clean all.....
    and also i tried to do chkdsk...and other utilities for hard drive by hirens boot cd(made it bootable to my usb)
    no errors were found or bad sectors my drive is perfectly healthy

    any solutions ? :(( i made an absent to work for this but still cant fix it -.-

    safe boot-wont work anything wont work
    cant get to desktop im stuck on loop startup screen....

    just in my mind though....if i formatted the drive ....there should be no OS left inside it and so no conflicting os but why am i getting this T_T

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