BSOD from win32k.sys

Everything is up to date as of last week which was clean installs of all nvidia drivers. Perfect World was known to have very bad crashes with windows 7 sp1 which is why I didn't update. I guess it wouldn't hurt considering that's what it's doing now. Who knows maybe perfect world developers adjusted the game for sp1 over the last few months it's been out and since I didn't update it's now unstable (just like when I did update to sp1 and it wasn't adjusted for it).

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Well this driver nvmf6264 which is for your NIC is from November 2009 and needs updating.

I'm not sure why that driver didn't update. I made sure to look that up last week and re-install the driver. I'll clean sweep the driver again and reinstall that driver after sp1 is done updating (doing that now).

EDIT: it freakin blue screened while doing sp1 download -_-
EDIT: blue screened when doing the update at least it made it past the download...
EDIT: again blue screen trying to update to sp1 i'm not sure if i'll be able to update it :(


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I experienced the "win32k.sys/system service exception" on two computers the other day, and after trial and error, I've determined that these BSODs were caused by Windows Update KB3070102. I strongly believe that KB3070102 is buggy, and it is a fact that it modifies or replaces Win32k.sys.

I recommend uninstalling KB3070102 and "hiding" the update.

Now, I do not claim to know if that will solve all your problems, but it's a place to start.

Good luck!

I couldn't seem to get any errors with memtest or driver verifier so I eventually took driver verifier off. I can tell you the last few before today were win32k.sys and today lead off with system service exception and the latest one was one I have never seen before: video memory manager fatal error.

I'm really getting nervous about this system. One day I really feel that it's my memory and then the next day it really seems like my power supply just isn't good enough. I've gotten at least 7 different types of blue screens with the system in the last few months. I'm really not sure what to make of the errors because they are so random. For all I know it could be the motherboard that's just causing all sorts of hell between all of them (memory / processor / graphics card) and the parts themselves are perfectly fine.


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Ninethe did you notice the date on the last post? ;)

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