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Is it clear why I am getting so many BSOD's?

Especially the 0x9f on standby on USB devices ones bother me.

I have marvell topdog USB (two devices).
I have realtek 8150 USB.
I have logitech quickcam pro 5000 (the older version).

I have bluetooth headset. I don't like the latest CSR drivers, as they require restarting the drivers after standby.

These all are older, vista class drivers, but they give me hell. Most of them are installed automatically from windows update.

It's almost like I can't use any vista-class third party driver.

Then again, the pro5000 gave me problems already on xp and vista in supported configurations.
The marvell topdog is supported by microsoft/linksys
The realtek has a vista driver, signed by realtek.

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Yep, your issue is:

RTL8150x64 RTL8150x64.SYS Fri Apr 11 07:02:45 2008



Those Logitech drivers will be causing issues too if you don't update or remove.

If you aren't sure what to do, then do this:

Download the 38k Vista driver. Extract it to a folder.

Then copy rtl8150x64.sys over the one at C:\Windows\System32\drivers and reboot.

Funny, realtek posted those drivers two days ago after two years.

The individual drivers did not used to be signed. The signing catalog file was available in the whole package.

Now they are newly signed. Not by microsoft WHQL, but by realtek.

The old signature was the same as used by the stuxnet trojan, and was duly revoked.

Anyway, the drivers appear still the same but they are not!

Could the difference be caused by signing alone?

The version number is the same, but they a have different size.
Thank you!

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Simply follow my previous post and it will be well.

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