BSOD: Memory Management

Hello all, first post so bear with me :p

So I've had two blue screen errors saying memory management in the past two days, the system crashes and reboots. I've had my computer about 9 months and have made no hardware changes.
Both the bluescreens occured whilst playing counterstrike source, which I've had installed and played regularly the whole time i've had my computer.
CSS updates automatically and the last update was about a week ago, for the first 5 days it was fine, so I'm fairly sure the problem is not with the game itself. I don't play any other games so I'm not sure if it would crash with anything else.

I did install two video editing programs yesterday before the first crash, but right after the first crash I unistalled them both, and yet the same crash happened again today. I can't think of any other software changes I've made.

I have 2GB of DDR2 RAM and have not experienced this before yesterday.

Here's what my task manager tells me about the memory:
Physical memory MB
total 1982
cached 1384
free 28

kernal memory MB
total 121
paged 72
nonpaged 49

This is when system is idle, not in game.
Any ideas?


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You should also update the drivers on your pc to keep in line with other updates. Check the support section of this forum for links for sound and graphic drivers plus check the motherboards website for updated drivers for the chipset.

Drivers are all up to date,I'm fairly computer literate (I'm training to be a computer technician) so I've already checked the usual suspects such as chip creep.
I'm going to test the memory with a bootable CD but after that I'm out of ideas.

I noticed an unusual whirr at startup today, it didn't last long enough for me to see where it was coming from, so I'm not sure if its related to this BSOD or not...


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As you say, your doing everything by the book so lets see what the memory results are... Are you using Mem86? - Memory Diagnostic

Yeah I am :)

Tested the memory twice and left it running for several hours, picked up a few errors but the error confidence value was reasonable, I don't think it was causing the problem.

Havn't had the BSOD since, so I guess topic closed mystery unsolved. Dun dun dunnnn!

Download the attched file. It contains a readme file and a program which will analyze your minidump file and produce a log file which can then be read by experienced users.
The bsod that you are getting should have created a minidump in the folder c:\windows\minidump.
If not refer to the readme file that is attached for more information on how to get a minidump.

You may not have full access to this file. Copy it to another area like the desktop where you have full access.
After running the program and creating the log file either:
1.) Compess the file and upload as an attachment; or
2.) Copy and paste the text of the log file in your post to the forum as "code" to conserve space.

Ah the minidump is gone, I guess it gets deleted after a certain amount of time?
Still havn't had the BSOD again. Thanks for the debugwiz, I am sure it will come in handy next time :D

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