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    I have recently had several events with my computer crashing and giving me a blue screen indicating that it is experiencing a "mini crash dump" and then restarting itself.

    A couple of times it has not given me the blue screen and has just gone to a black screen and stayed there making a strange buzzing noise from my speakers.

    I have located the .dmp files but cannot interpret them. Since I am unsure of how to solve these issues, I was hoping to get some answers as to what I need to do.

    My computer is a SONY-VAIO with Windows 7.

    Here are the minidump files:

    View attachment 101212-23041-01 - Copy.dmp

    View attachment 101312-22526-01 - Copy.dmp


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    Looks like it might be happening during Skype. The dump file does not name an offending driver, but does say this:

    Some suggestions might be to reinstall your Sound drivers. I do not run Skype so not familiar with all that might be needed.

    And since Skype uses the network, possibly check into the drivers for that, like your network adapter driver and any network facilitator type utilities, if you have any you know of.

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