Bsod on boot up only, need some help !

K, I've done athis before and have gotten a BSOD, but I'll do it again if thats what you say it is. The ram timings I found online are 9-9-9-27 and with a voltage of 1.65. I'll let you know if it BSODS again, maybe it was something else prior to my reformat.

Seems to be working after I got back from work on a fresh boot up.
Thanks fro the help for now, I'll post back if anything happens, quick question though if windows installs drivers for my keyboard, how do I uninstall them? i'm not too sure how to go about doing it...I'm asking cause I really want to use a different keyboard other than this old saitek.

It's alright not to uninstall the drivers. Just remove the keyboard and attach a new one while powered off, then boot to Windows. Visit the keyboard manufacturer's site for the latest driver install package, and install.

You're welcome.

Seems to be working after I got back from work on a fresh boot up.
Thanks fro the help for now, I'll post back if anything happens, quick question though if windows installs drivers for my keyboard, how do I uninstall them? i'm not too sure how to go about doing it...I'm asking cause I really want to use a different keyboard other than this old saitek.

So I booted up after not using the computer for a day and it crashed at the loading windows screen. It then prompted me to go back to bios and reconfigure the ram settings. I'm using the KHX1600C9D3K2/4GX at 9-9-9-27 @ 1.66v and they don't seem stable? Any idea?

Yes, the voltage is too low. It's operating range is 1.7-1.9V.

Core i7 can not have memory above 1.65V. I know you have AMD Phenom ii 955 but before setting a higher voltage to be within spec, make sure that the CPU can handle memory at that voltage and it's cool. If so, set it to 1.8V and save.

I chnaged the voltage on the ram to 1.8, I just did a simple google search and couldnt' find a max voltage for the ram. Sorry for having to be babied through this but i'm not too sure what to look for in terms of setting a higher voltage to be within spec :X

I think you misunderstood.

The RAM's effective operating range is 1.7-1.9V.

You need to check on your cpu in that it can work without breaking at RAM voltages above 1.65V.

Oh okay, is that simply a try-and-fail kind of test? Or can I find that info online cause I've been looking for what an AMD Phenom ii 955 can handle and I'm kind of coming up empty handed.

On another note I set it to 1.8v already...and it seems to be fine, but now that you've enlightened me I'm afraid I might have took that step without insuring my CPU can handle it so should I revert until I find out that my CPU can handle the ram at 1.8?

I just saw a few posts on another forum stating that the phenom ii can handle 1.7-1.8v fine, but that was just another user.

lol Well, if you make it a try and fail test, the cpu can be fried but that is very unlikely. It probably can handle 1.8V vdimm for the RAM, but I am not certain and thus, am giving absolutely no guarantees. The responsibility is 100% yours to choose to do as you wish.

But yep, for that RAM, 1.8V is great....just not sure if the CPU can work well with that or not. Like I said, the max for Core i7 is 1.65V. Anything higher can fry them or significantly shorten its lifespan.

Sorry got a little busy, I've been trying to find out whats safe for the phenom but I'm coming up empty handed. I looked at the phenom II product details from their website and could only draw Voltages 0.875-1.5V for any sort of voltage thing (I'm assuming thats for the CPU). -_-'' sorry for being so "noob" at this but anyway you could direct me to find the information I require to have peace of mind knowing my ram is running at 1.8v ?

Hey so I was doing a little gaming today and sure enough my computer was not stable and crashed. The timings were what the manufacturer website says at 9-9-9-27 and i was running the voltage at 1.8v as you directed. I then tried to fix the problem by trying the voltages at 1.7-1.82, none of which worked at 1600 mhz. I then decided to downclock it to 1333 at the same timings and at your recommended 1.8v. So far so good...but it could be that things have warmed up a bit? I did a bit more gaming and it seems fine, anyways, if you have any input I'd greatly appreciate it, thanks again !

Edit: None of the crashes involved blue screens, just straight on crashes so I guess thats a positive thing :)

2nd Edit: Just for a more clear distinction as this thread is getting longer and longer as of now my settings are as follow:
1333 (only thing thats changed)

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So far everything has been running smoothly on 1333 however the ram is supposed to be able to run at 1600 (from my understanding some mobo's just default it onto 1333?) I've tried running it at 1600 with 9-9-9-27 and 1.7-1.85 with no luck. Any idea?

Yeah, it seems to happen more frequently when I am gaming, however it'll never bsod now, it will just crash and I'll be forced to reset.

Bump :[ still no idea what to do...

Crashes and SOMETIMES a Bsod Posting as an Overclock hardware failure on Ram

I am currently using a KHX1600C9D3K2/4GX running at the recommended timings:

With a voltage of 1.8v.

The ram defaults to running at 1333.

My problem is that during gaming my computer will often crash and I'll have to hard-reset in which Bios will prompt me to re-do the timings or convert back to default.

I am running it on an AMD Phenom ii 955 and have been asked to raise the voltage as AMD's run DDR3 higher than the pentium core series. Any help would be greatly appreciated as these crashes are causign me a headache :X Thanks!

attached are my latest minidumps.
View attachment Minidump.rar

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Bsods and Crashes only in Games now :[ Please help!

Windows 7 64 bit
Phenom ii 955
Ram: HyperX Kingston 1600 (KHX1600C9D3K2/4GX) Timings are 9-9-9-27 (1.76v)
Video Card: Diamond Radeon 5770
600 PS OCZ modular (Forget the exact one)

Should be enough info on my rig...

So my problem is whenever I am playing games now, my comp will either crash or blue screen. I had help with my ram recently as I was having issues earlier so I'm not sure what the problem is, but I am inclined to say its my video card. Anyways, here are my dumps! thanks for any help :)
View attachment Minidumpnew.rar

I don't mean to be rude, but it seems I got helped only 1/2 way through my problem and now no one is addressing my new one =T I appreciate the help but wish I could continue to get some more support. I'll try to explain the problem once more and in greater detail:

My comp seems to freeze/crash bsod during gaming.
Another note: it seems once my computer "warms" up after the first initial bsod/crash, it goes away after a hard reboot, not a reset. If i reset the computer the problem persists until I shut down and boot back up.

I thought it might be the video card or power supply or even motherboard failing in some aspect.

I have followed the recommendations for changing settings on the ram to 9-9-9-27 and running them at a higher voltage since my comp is AMD.

My power supply is an OCZ 600 watt (Sorry I forget the specific model but I can look it up if it becomes important).

I hope someone can help me out here =T
*Uploaded newer dumps*


Take the RAM out of the machine. Throw it away or RMA to company. Purchase new RAM or receive new RAM from company. Install. Problems solved.

Remove Daemon Tools normally. Then use this to click on uninstall to remove sptd.sys:

Replace with PowerISO as disc emulation is free forever.

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Thanks for your help again. I understand that my previous post might have sounded a bit harsh or negative, but I'm just desperate. Thanks for your help again, words cannot express how much it means to have someone out there helping me for the sake of helping.

That being said I just have a quick question, I have memtested my ram and also replaced my old ones with these new Kingstons, which so far seemed good. Is there any way to tell that it really just is my ram?
Thanks again. and sorry for not posting another updated screenshot of my speed tab, here they are
speed.jpg ram.png

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