Bsod on boot up only, need some help !

You're welcome.

My previous post was going under the assumption that your bios was set well, because you clearly stated: "I have followed the recommendations."

Well, (I know unintentionally so no worries) - this is clearly not the case. Your bios is set waaaaaaaaaaaay wrong.

You need 667 MHz with 9-9-9-24 timings for the RAM.

Right now, you are at 800 MHz with 9-9-9-27 timings.

Needs to be fixed.

Gah, sorry about that, I was fiddling with it because I was getting blue screens. Didn't mean to forget that part out, I did what you told me and am going to test it out. Hopefully when I get back from work and I cold boot up I can test it out properly, thanks a bunch :eek:

*Edit: Another odd and slightly unrelated note: My monitor will turn on and off for 5-10 minutes when I boot up my computer. Any idea if it could be the power supply? I know an easier way to test this out is to just swap out this monitor for another but I was just going to throw it out there to see if it could be related to my comp problems. thanks again!

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Okay so I got back and I immediately got a bsod. I ran memtest through the night on the sticks and it passed okay. I changed the voltage to 1.76v cause it seemed more stable then 1.80v when I had my previous settings on. Any recommendations?

Why are you posting crash dumps still? There is no sense whatsoever.

You have been given all the advice you could possibly ask for. It isn't going to change at all.

Im sorry, I just thought you might need to look at them seeing as I'm still getting errors. Anyways, appreciate the help, sorry for any trouble I caused.

No, it wasn't any trouble at all, but I found it necessary to say it like that because it didn't seem to me that the point was being translated.

It really is this simple:

1) Make bios settings well.

2) When well, if crashes happen, replace RAM entirely.

Otherwise, I'd imagine that dumps would keep on being posted and I figured I'd save you the time and effort which wasn't going to be helpful any longer in any way.

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