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Hello everyone,

I just recently got my new rig up and running around three weeks ago. Up until now, everything has been running extremely smooth with the only downside being I get a BSOD every now and then from watching videos on youtube. The error in question is Stop 0x00000124 and I cannot figure out what is going wrong and I'm lead to believe it could be a faulty driver, or a piece of software causing this. It's only while browsing from what I can tell, I've gamed for hours on end with no faults what so ever.
I've included two of the four memory dump files, as two of the previous BSOD's in question where caused by conflicting software (Punkbuster and GPU monitoring software) I would much appreciate some assistance with this, thanks!

Edit: I just had two more BSOD's on bootup today with the message 0x00000116 with the fault pointing at dxgkrnl.sys. From bootup, the BIOS menu and windows loading screen had white lines everywhere.

Heres the .zip file containing everything requested.

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Hello and welcome to the forum.
Having a hard time reconciling your two images regarding your i5 processor.
The one suggests that you are overclocking your 3.3Ghz processor to something in the neighborhood of 4.6Ghz, my suggestion would be to return those settings to normal / default / auto.
And the other reflects the same processor running at 1.6Ghz which suggests that you have EIST (Enhanced Intel Speed Step Technology) enable. I would suggest, at least for the time being disabling that.
My principle concern is the 124 stop errors (hardware) which I suspect may be a result of either overclocking or temps but likewise the 116 VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE can also be a result of overclocking the GPU, temps, or an inadequate PSU (power supply unit)
You have a couple old drivers which need your attention;
SiLib.sys 2/6/2007 and SiUSBXp.sys 2/6/2007 both seem to be associated with USBXpress Development Kit from Silicon Labs Software Downloads these both, severely pre-date Windows 7 RTM and should be addressed by either updating, uninstalling or renaming the file extensions from .sys to .OLD.
If Blue Screens persist consider updating your System's BIOS GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1155 - GA-Z68X-UD5-B3 (rev. 1.0)
Uninstalling AVG using the programs and features applet in the control panel and follow that up with the vendor specific proprietary removal tool from here AVG - Download tools and utilities get the correct version for your architecture. Replace with

Good luck and keep us posted. Attach any new dump files here if they continue to occur.

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Hello, thanks for the reply! I seem to have gotten over the 116 error with a BIOS update as I have been reading up on my mobo and apparently it seems to be a common issue associated with the board (Boot loop). I also followed your advice and uninstalled AVG and the old files on my system. However, I still seem to be getting the 0x124 error while watching videos online. I haven't had one in four days although It's ONLY occuring while watching videos. I've had four or five of these now and I'm really doubting it's "Random" as the only time I ever get a 124 error is while sitting back and streaming a video.

Regarding the overclock, I do currently have a 4.5Ghz overclock on my 2500k at the moment and I have ran a stress test for roughly two hours with 0 errors. The previous 4.6Ghz overclock was also stress tested for over eight hours with prime 95 with 0 errors. I was curious and decided to tweak my settings a little to see if it would somehow if related, give me a solid overclock without the BSOD issue.

I've also searched other forums for people with a similar issue and alot of people seem to have solved the issue with a simple "Disable hardware acceleration" On both flash and firefox. Although at first sounded solid, It didnt solve my problem and it's becoming extremely fustrating.

I have yet to test the RAM (Although will be doing that today at some point) and my GPU Is at default settings, I was planning on tweaking with them but I've decided to wait until I solve this issue beforehand. I am considering turning off EIST as the next step to see if that solves anything before I set my OC back to default. The temps are also perfectly fine and I've yet to see my temps go above 68c on full load while running prime 95 and very rarely ever go above 55c on daily usage.

The latest dump file on the only BSOD I've had since my last update: View attachment Seven


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