Windows 7 Build 7057: Install issues at 'Expanding Windows files'


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Here is the scenario:

My computer has one internal harddrive, it's split up in two partitions. On the first partition, I've installed Windows Vista (32-bit), and on the second drive I have various files stored.

So, not wanting to overwrite the Vista install, I chose to install Windows 7 (64-bit) on the second partition. At the 'Expanding Windows files' step it hits 84%, and from there is stalls for a long time. Then I get an error about missing data or something similar. Cannot recall what the exact message was.

So, I try again, same thing happens. And it also doesn't seem to remove the temporary files after a failed install either.

I remove the files with unlocker software, and tries again. It hits 26%, and stays there for way too long. So, I reboot, try to do it on the Vista partition. Same thing happens.

Now I'm really unsure about what to do. I would prefer not having to wipe the harddrive clean, though, as it's such a hassle taking backup of everything. :p

Any suggestions?
Not speaking from experience, seeing as i'm still using 7022. but methinks that you probably will have to wipe and start over... hopefully you have a backup tool in your vista that will just image the install onto 2 DVD's like my acer has......
After trying to install Windows 7 on the Vista partition, Vista is not able to boot. Though, I booted a Linux LiveCD, and it seems the previous installs of the OS is backed up in Windows.old and Windows.old.000.

So, if I boot the repair tool from the Vista drive, get everything back where it should be, I could boot Vista, backup stuff, and do the wipe.

Should I wipe both partitions, or just the one I install Windows 7 on?
get the restore disks made for the vista OS... then you might want to go as far as to do a one pass 0 on the HDD. it takes a while.. but then you're starting from scratch. always the best with 7 ....
What does 'one pass 0' mean?

The x86 version installs fine. The x64 version does not. Any difference between an x86 and an x64 OS in terms of installation / files, which could cause this?
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After installing the x86, I notice a lot of CDs and DVDs fail to be read. So possibly it could have been a bad drive that caused it. :S