Windows 7 burning iso disks


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Jan 30, 2009
I have two Vista machines, one laptop & 1 desktop. I managed to install win 7 on the laptop, (I love it) these are not critical computers, so I play with them alot. I have downloaded another download and have burned 5 disks on different burners and different computers. About the middle of the installation (installing to a Vista machine) it stops and gives an error code, 0x80070570, and will not proceed. says something about missing files. Does anyone know what's happening.
I search the internet and it says according to the error that it is corrupted. Please help, and thanks in advance.
Dude... I know it sounds silly but I've burnt 7 different ISO disks from 3 different downloads from the Microsoft site and I believe that my Disks are the problem! apparently TDK disks don't work! am about to try a Phillips or a Verbatim...
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