Windows 7 Call of duty 4 players


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Mar 20, 2009
I am using windows seven here is my sig with info, it is X64
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I am running cod4 1.7 and have not been kick for api at all, but i run a server that is ranked with all the AON private scripts and fully pb enforced except i have lowered the restrictions so as you may not be kicked for API error, it still kicks for hacks and configuration exploits and punkbuster errors, but i repeat no api kicks. So if you cant get you cod4 to stop kicking you for API come to my server and play. Now when my wife is playing she likes shotgun only maps, and 203 maps so come in and enjoy. I run straight windows 7 and dont wanna switch to vista thats why i do this.

this is the server come on in and play and have fun, please keep language clean as my kids do play here.
It is a ligit server rented from and it is ranked not moded.
I dont know how i got COD4 to run on windows 7 but this is what i did

Just run pnkbustera and B in admin mode and compatability mode vista sp2 and run game in admin mode no compatablity mode, the i copied punkbuster a and b to windows system32 folder. Hope this helps
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