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Discussion in 'Microsoft Products and Community' started by Sonny, Oct 16, 2013.

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    A friend of mine just bought a new Toshiba Laptop which came with Windows 8 OEM. My question is can Windows 8.1 RTM work if it was a clean install? He is having trouble with windows 8. He wants to upgrade to Windows 8.1 even knowing that he will loose his recovery options.
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    Yes....but he'll need a product key.

    Or just wait till the 17th or 18th and upgrade to 8.1 from the MS what I'd emphatically suggest to do. This way he'll get to keep his recovery partition and it's free.

    Another option is to do a system restore, refresh or reinstall from the PC settings from the charms window. See link below
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    .............. He is having trouble with windows 8.............

    What type of trouble?
    Win 8.1 is, in essence, merely an update of Windows 8, plus a few minor changes.
    What makes him think the " trouble" will go away by upgrading to Win 8.1?
    Usually one would make sure the machine is "clean" and running smoothly before an upgrade so that one would not "inherit" the old problems after the upgrade.

    .................even knowing that he will loose his recovery options............

    What do you mean by that? Please kindly explain.
    Has he not created a Recovery Drive into a USB flash drive or DVD?
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