Can I load MS Office Pro 2003 OEM to my new Win 7 laptop ?


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I have a new hi spec laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium pre-installed, I purchased it mainly so I can run the Photoshop CS4 at 64BIT. This laptop comes with a MS office 30 day trial. I loaded this and then discovered that it did not contain “Outlookâ€Â￾. I have used Outlook on all my other XP Pro computers for contact details and emails etc and really know it well and would like to install it on my laptop.

I have a MS Office Pro 2003 OEM CD that I am wondering if I can install on my new laptop This has all I need including “Outlookâ€Â￾ ? I did try to see if my new laptop would load it, but it does not seem to load for some reason. I cancelled it after 30 min of trying. Is there a compatibility problem with this? I hope not.

After 30 days I will have no MS Word, Excel and to buy Microsoft Office Standard 2007 (currently about £349.99 – rather expensive for a pensioner! ) this includes MS Office Excel 2007, Outlook 2007, Word and PowerPoint.

I was hoping that I could install my OEM Office pro 2003 and later on upgrade to a later version. I understand 2010 is in the pipe-line.

Any advise would be appreciated.


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Short answer NO!
Somewhat longer answer.... OEM Licenses come with more restrictions since they are the cheapest. An OEM license only allows you to use the software on the specific computer it came with. In other words, when that computer is old and slow and it is time to throw it away, that license must legally be thrown away as well.
Microsoft has even become more restrictive concerning their OEM licensing of all of their products read this Microsoft SMB Community Blog : OEM Microsoft Office Licensing Changes You Need To Know About!
I am also a pensioner and feel your pain, you can always look into open source software like maybe - The Free and Open Productivity Suite and a lot of people seem to like Thunderbird, it's another open source product for handling email Thunderbird - It?s All Yours

No technically, I have in the past done this I got a small business edition of 2003 from Dell (OEM) I just install word, so I can install my upgrade version of office 2007. You are not supposed to do this but it can be done.
My suggestion is get a beta copy of Office 2010 from MS become a technet subscriber and install 2010 so when 2010 officially is released you can transition to the retail version


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Thanks for the info, just my luck. I do have the original MS Office Pro 2000 and the upgrade disc from 2000 to 2003, would that still work on Windows 7 ?

If so I doubt that I would be able to get any updates from the Microsoft side due to it's age - or would I.

If I went for the 2010 Beta as suggested, is it going to be very costly when the full version is released? Although this perhaps is the best option - it will give me a little time to save up.

The other option is to buy the version supplied with the new laptop (currently on a 60 day trial) MS Office Home and Student, then see if I can upgrade to Microsoft Office Standard 2007 that includes outlook. Would the cost would be as much as going for the Beta version route?

Any idea the best way cost wise?

Yes 2003 I think is still getting updates. As to the cost of of 2010 I am sure that has not been set yet. The beta of 2010 is good to June of 2010 I think.
You must be an MS Technet subscriber. All you should have to do is reigistar.


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Thanks once again, I think I would like to go for the Beta 2010.

Would I need to have installed a (paid for) version of MS office such as 2000 Pro (and possibly my upgrade 2000 to 2003 installed before I apply to be a ME Technet subscriber ? Does it look at my computer to check what MS software I am using before accepting me?

Perhaps doing this will help in June/July when I have to pay for it (perhaps a discount if I am lucky). I have three other computers all running MS office Pro and XP, so have supported MS well over the years.

If/when I apply for the full version would I be able to have a CD so I can upgrade another one of my computers?

A download would restrict me from doing this I think - or would it.

Can you give me the web address for the ME Technet subscriber site please.

No you do not have to have 2000 0r 2003 installed to become a technet subscriber. If you download and use the BETA version of office 2010 most likiely you will have to uninstall any previous versions of Office. I know you will have to uninstall Outlook for sure. When and if you buy the full version of 2010 when it is put on market you should get a CD for installation purposes. I usually get my at - Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptop Computers, Digital Cameras and more! or - Computers, Computer Parts, Computer Components, Netbooks & Electronics. Hopfully 2010 will be out by spring.
Subscribing to technet is free


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Hi Super Sarge ,
Once again many thanks, I think as I live in the UK I will have to buy from within the UK when available. I will look out for a link to the Beta version tomorrow.

Many thanks for now.

Regards & Happy new Year


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Just one thing - looking at one of the pop-up adverts on this website :- Cheap Computer Software | Discount Computer Software | Microsoft Office - Software247 - Microsoft Office 2003 Professional (PC) (OEM)

It shows the exact OEM MS Office Professional Edition 2003 that I have and can't install. Why would any body purchase that if it can't be installed? See previous posting from "Trouble"

Really confused now.

Question have you troed installing your OEM copy of 2003? If so what does it say or do that it will not install?


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Hi Super Sarge, Sorry for not getting back to you before, tried several times yesterday but this forum seemed to be down all day.

To answer your question Yes (from my First Posting):-

I have a MS Office Pro 2003 OEM CD that I am wondering if I can install on my new laptop This has all I need including “Outlook” ? I did try to see if my new laptop would load it, but it does not seem to load for some reason. I cancelled it after 30 min of trying. Is there a compatibility problem with this? I hope not.

The hard drive just kept chugging away, but loaded nothing. When I looked at the files from explorer I clicked on set-up but still did nothing - so eventually cancelled.

I have now downloaded the MS Office 2010 Beta, so have till 31st October to save up when the new version is on release.

One point with Windows 7, we don't seem to have the STARY > RUN facility !Q - What replaces that, I have not discovered that yet.

Right Click on a blank spot on your task bar select properties then select start menu click on customize and scroll down and put a check mark on run command this will put the run n in you start button menu,while ther you can look at the other items under customize that may suite your needs

As far as 2003 goes you may have a bad disc, Try copying everything from the disc to a folder you create on the c drive then try installing from the setup command

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Hi Super Sarge, Sorry again this website seemed to be off-line again yesterday. No problems with any other web site etc, seem strange.

Thanks for the tip to get the start-up, that's solved that issue. Now I have installed the MS Office 2010 Beta I don't need to install the MS Office Pro 2003 OEM CD so will try it when I change my next computer to Windows 7.

I will try your suggestion and let you know if it works.

Thanks for now.

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Here's the link for the Microsoft Office 2010 beta.
I must say, don't listen to horror stories about it you see here on the forums.

You'll have to have a Windows Live ID to start the download.
Microsoft Office Online

Happy New Year!


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I dow loaded both and it installed quickly and from what I have seen it looks great, a lot to learn - One of my first tasks will be to set up my email accounts. I am wondering if I will be able to keep one of my older computers running XP and Windows Office Pro 2003 and that version of Outlook to receive emails while the new Windows 7 computer with MS Office 2010 Beta Outlook also doing the same task. I always like to have two computers (at least) so in the event of a computer crash I can keep running. I currently have POP3 and IMAP going to two XP and Windows Office Pro 2003 and that version of Outlook. I expect another part of this form is a good place to start.

Many thanks


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Yes, if you configure both the computers to recieve POP-3 email, they SHOULD both be able to recieve the emails.



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Hi Mitchell, Thanks, I did say that:- I currently have POP3 and IMAP running together.

You did not mention IMAP ! It does work on two XP and Windows Office Pro 2003 and that version of Outlook.

I just questioned about One Windows 7 running the new version from MS Office Home & Business 2010 (Beta version) and the older computer with XP and Windows Office Pro 2003 and that version of Outlook.

I will obviously find out when I try it, just would have been nice to know if I am going/likely to have any problems.

Thanks again.


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Sorry, it's still morning here, so I'm kind of half asleep.
They should both run flawlessly, though you may occasionally find that only one computer receives the emails. But that would be a rare issue.

As always, testing it out will give you the best answer.


Yes as along as they are on separate computers as you have stated. In fact you can export you 2003 outlook folders to a file callled pst and then import them into Outlook 2010
1 Open 2003 go to file import export
2 Select export to a file
3 Select personal folder pst
4 Select personal folders
5 Save exported file as select a location (a Usb thumb drive is good location) and name it .
Then basically repeat these steps to import you personal folders
except you import from another program or file then select pst and point ti at where you save your pst file

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Thanks Super Sarge & Happy New Year. That will give me plenty to do this week. First task is to tidy up my address book and delete all the duplicates, I don't want to load the new computer with all these.

Once again many thanks.

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