Can I make a shortcut choose between multiple targets in the case that one is temporarily not availa

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    I need to have a shortcut in file explorer go down a list of three targets and pick the first that works. Since I need this for about ten folders, it isn't really efficient to use separate shortcuts and just test which one is working at the time. The problem is that the name of the target is always changing and can sometimes take a month to go back to the original name. I could also use a way of giving the file another name [so one file with two names]. are any of these possible.

    If not, is there another file manager I can use with these capabilities.

    Thanks in advance!
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    By default, you can use the libraries folders to do that...
    step 1, Screenshot (1).
    step 2. Screenshot (2).

    You can adjust how the folders are displayed but they are all active at the same time... Windows is made that way.

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