Can No Longer View Desktop in Windows Explorer

Greetings, unfortunately I downloaded a virus, and when I discovered it I think I cleaned it up using "WiseFixer", but now I can no longer see a link to my desktop in Windows Explorer under "Favorites." I must drill down into the system to find the desktop. I have tried dragging the desktop back to the Favorites but it still does not show up. Any suggestions on how I can get the link to the desktop back up under favorites in Windows Explorer?


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Hello Mike and welcome to the forum.
Open Explorer
Expand Computer->C:\->Users->YourUserName->
Then select Desktop
Scroll back up to Favorites and Right Click it and Choose
Add current location to favorites

Thank you very much Randy. Unfortunately I had already done exactly that, and it does not add a link to my desktop to favorites. It simply does not put it there. I have done that over and over, and desktop simply does not show up under favorites. It's quite perplexing. Do you want me to show you screenshots of exactly what I'm doing? Or do you have any other suggestions? Thank you again.


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If you right click the favorites window in explorer, there is a "Restore Favorites Links" option, does that work?

If not, try creating a link yourself then right click and select restore previous.

Unfortunately neither of those options work either. It's like nothing can be added into favorites for some reason. It's really befuddling me and I wish I could figure out what happened and how to fix it. If anyone else has any ideas please let me know. Thank you in advance.


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Can you add another location for testing?

Can you add it directly into the Links folder?

Can you right click the Links folder and select restore previous?

I suppose the next step would be checking the registry...

I can do none of the above; it's like it is totally unresponsive. The link you gave me must be much like "WiseFixer" which claims to fix registry errors too. Indeed it did fix a ton of them. However, I still cannot get a link to my desktop to appear under favorites.


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Is the Desktop link showing in the Links folder, along with the others or is it the only one missing.

The security settings on the folder should give you full control, but you might check to make sure it is still set that way.

I will look through the registry, but not sure really what to look for. Maybe you could compare your settings for the folders to see if there is some difference.


OK I figured it out, I created a new library and was able to add the desktop in to that library. Thank you all very much for your help!

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