Can not update Windows or CIS 4


Im running Windows 7 student x64. When I go to Windows Update it takes a long time to load,once it does it shows a red shield with an x and says 'check for updates for your computer' and below this it says 'Find out more about free software from (null). click here for more details.' when I click it nothing happens. When I click the check for updats box a window comes up that says 'Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because this service is not running. You may need to restart your computer.' I tried restarting and the same thing happens.

Also, when I use the antivirus update within Comodo Internet Security 4 it says failed to retrieve update. check your internet connection and try again.


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This sounds like it could be a virus, install Malwarebytes and update, do a quick scan.

Along with that, run command prompt as an admin, and type in "sfc /scannow" ;)

A few days ago Windows Defender detected a suspicious file. I uploaded it to comodo for analysis and it came back as suspicious. I hit quarantine in Windows Defender. The file is no longer on my system it looks like but the Windows Defender quarantine is empty. I just ran Spybot S&D and it detected Virtumonde.sdn Trojan C-04 and said it cleaned it. I have also run Avast, Comodo, Ad-Aware, Malwarebytes, Superantispyware, and A-squared and Threatfire. None of these have detected anything. I also made a linux partition and ran a scan on windows from the linux partition with bitdefender which found no infected files. I used ClamAV as well and while it reported some things they were mainly all a part of Comodo so I assumed they were false positives. i'll give sfc /scannow a try.


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Keep me posted :)

It says it did not find any integrity violations.


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Was this a clean install of Windows 7, or an upgrade from Vista?

It was an upgrade from Vista. I have been using it without problem though for months. I'm considering using Dariks Boot and Nuke and reinstalling but I really dont want to until I find out more about what's causing this.

I just did a scan with Sophos AntiRootkit and it detected 2 hidden .exe files that are unknown.


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Just because this was an upgrade, I'd re-install.
A great thing you might not have known about re-installing:
You don't have to reformat your HDD. You can simply select the drive you want to install to, and Windows will put your old installation in a folder named "Windows.old" where you'll still be able to access and copy over all your personal files, unfortunately you will have to reinstall your programs.

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