Cannot change date and time format

I installed Windows 7 two days ago and got everything working (I think) except I want to modify the way the date and time are displayed in the taskbar. I followed the instructions for accomplishing this, but nothing happened. Has anyone else had a problem with changing the date and time format? I want it to show the day of the week and include seconds in the time display.

Thanks, Gavin Oscur. It worked for the day of the week as I've gotten the display to read "Mon 06/16/14" but I haven't been able to change the time to get it to display seconds. I can live without that, though.:)


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If you still look for it, and want to do a search, you could take take a look at

3. make a search engine search with say "replace windows 7 tray clock"

Be prepared to go through tons of material. Best wishes. I had a third party tray clock once, can't remember what it was, and I can't find it in my archives.

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