Cannot connect [IP unable to bind]


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So, suddenly after updating Windows, I got a pop up where my internet connection is. It went too fast for me to read and then the computer rebooted. Upon logging in, my internet no longer connects. I tried cmd and ipconfig /all and it tells me nothing is connected.

My driver is up to date.
Internet doesn't even work on Safe Boot with Networking.
Tried uninstalling, rebooting and installing + update.
Tried disconnecting wire, restarting router etc etc.
Check to see if services are set to automatically connect/etc (they are)
Tried flushing dns

Internet works in Ubuntu on the same computer (I'm on it now) just not on Windows 7 Pro x64bit.

If anyone could help me out with this problem, I'd appreciate it.



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Hello and thank you kindly for the reply! :)

I have tried uninstalling the MS update as directed but the issue persists.


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I tried the restore point and it still doesn't work. Initially reports something is wrong with drivers and then inspect reveals the problems from above.


Okay, I clicked "Advanced" and found one from five days ago, before an update. It was the only one I had. I clicked it and reverted, and the internet seems to be working fine. I went to check what updates had caused it, and the only two available were "Microsoft Essentials".


Should I hide these updates or try to install them to see what went wrong?
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