Cannot connect to internet

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It says that the media state is disconnected. This would usually mean that the adapter is disabled. Check device manager and make sure that that is not the case, if it is right click and choose enable.... and then start looking around the laptop for a button, or sometime a combination of function keys usually purple or blue to actually turn on the wireless radio. Let me know if either of these worked

EDIT: The wireless radio control for your laptop is referenced here

Hope this helps.

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Device manager indicares all is fine, even ran win updates, say i have the latest. The button was my very first thought?? All there is is a soft button that lights up a little antenna when on. When i push it briefly shows an antenna with a circle around it and a slash thru the cirle indicating it is off and the button is no longer lit. I have sent it thru all the auto diagnose functions and nothing. One scan indicates it is either the network adaptor or access point??? The router is working fine, and i don't know what to do about the adaptor? Thank you for your help, he can take it to best buy tomorrow and see if there guys can figure it out. Let me know if you think of anything else and thanks again. I wil post what the issue turns out to be when i find out.

What about the winsock cmd in the earlier post? I tried it but it said i was not the admin. Admin is the only user set on this device? Is it the way it is typed in in dos?

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You have to right click on the command prompt and choose run as administrator. That is not it's default behavior. When you run ncpa.cpl, what comes up, do you see your wireless and your ethernet (see attachment), if you see the wireless right click and choose status, then click the properties button and snip it and post it back

:mad:Okay the solution i had didn't work so i went 32 bit.
Connected with out xp drivers.
I did that last night.
It was working well until all of a sudden it doesn't connect.
It say "Make sure your computer is in range of "KARS" and that network settings match."
Now what should i do


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Do you usee access points and how many computers are connected at the same time?

What do you mean use access points.
I have from 1-2 other computer working at the same time.
Airport express is more of a Bridge. You would have to connect a non-wireless router and make it wireless.
That is what i'm doing right nows.
All the posts have been from my Macs


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Access points extend the range of the warless router.

Obviously you don;t have them.

My roomy took the laptop to best buy and it connected there just fine so the guy said there was nothing wrong, i was unable to go and have to leave for work. Anyway it will not connect here at home???? I won't be able to mess with it till late tonight. AAArgh. Has to be a setting somewhere??? It has been connected to this router before??? It sees the network and instantly says cannot connect when i try to attempt it.

Also the router the airport express is connected to is a Cisco (linksys) router.
Still cannot connect. Tried downloading Realtek vista drivers. That didn't work.
Still don't know what to do:confused::confused:

Now win 7 won't even connect to the base station and says:
Problem with wireless router not fixed.
Still i don't know what to do.


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Then it;s onviously in the wireless router.

Could you gibe me the exact make and model of the motherboard specs of the laptop?

This freeware program will give you all the information you will need:

SIV (System Information Viewer) 4.03

Here is the stuff
Just went on
Connected but very very slow
restarted stopped working.
Lets hope this helps
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i got it to connect. Wasn't too happy with speed and bandwidth capacity.
Went and got a Tenda Mini 11n USB thing
Fast enough for me.


Hi all, well finally got it ear0ly Sunday morning. Turns out it was the router !! I will recap for those who may run into this. New Gateway nv 53 stops connecting to router after 4 days? Two other laptops were introduced to the router in this period, (friends in for the Holidays) The visitors laptops were not effected at all just the new laptop so i assumed (mistake) it MUST be the laptop,Wrong. I after finally reset the router and all was fine, went ahead and updated the firmware to the router since i was already there. To me this seems odd that one laptop would stop connecting all of the sudden. Be advised it happens, so my advice to all would be to reset router first and save yourself some frustrations!!!
Many many Thank yous to Trouble. You are very very helpfull You all are. Even though we were chasing a ghost i still learned some things here in the attempt.
Again you all were great and thank you, great site. Have a Great New Year
Don B
Tulsa,OK :D


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Thanks so much for posting back the solution that you employed to resolve your issue. So congrats on some fine trouble shooting and please hang around and share your experiences and possibly help others with their problems.

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