Windows 7 Cannot gain as administrator


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Having exhausted all the other obvious resources, I am hoping someone on this forum will be able to help with a incredibly frustrating Windows 7 issue I am experiencing.

My user account, for some strange reasons, appears to bet set up as a 'Guest account'. As a result, I am unable install new programs or make anything more than basic system changes. When the dialog box appears, requesting an administrator password, the 'Yes' button is disabled (greyed out).

I have unsuccessfully tried to enable administrator access using the various methods posted online e.g. right click on Command Prompt and run as administrator, but again, I do not get very far because the disabled administrator dialog box is greyed out.

At one stage, I did set up my system to automatically log in to Windows and I am not sure whether that's had anything to do with it. I have tried to disable that option but haven't been able to.
I would think that you could make any necessary changes from SAFE MODE. Press F8 at the beginning of the boot sequence to get the SAFE MODE boot menu. I should ask you for the administrator password to log you on. If you have none, then leave it blank and press Enter.
I am having the exact same problem. I also recently changed the set up so Windows logs on automatically. Now the user account I created when installing Windows 7 is a guest account and I am unable to make any changes. I get the same dialog box saying to enter an administrator password and the greyed out Yes button.

I have tried booting into Safe mode but the system doesn't prompt me for a password and my account still has no permission to change anything.

Any ideas?