Windows 7 Cannot install or download .exe-files


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For some reason I can't run any .exe-files I've downloaded (both drivers and most programs). When I download i.e. Foxit Reader it can't be run from the download list in Firefox and the destination I picked for the download doesn't contain the file. It's gone! I hav e the same problem when downloading drivers from i.e The only exe-file I've been able to run is the Avast Antivirus installfile.

To be sure I disabled the firewall in Windows.

Can anyone help me, please?

I read some of it, but funny thing is I can't get access to regedit. After typing and pressing enter nothing happens. I've installed the official beta. An "unofficial" version works fine on my laptop. Strange..
Hi, i had a similar problem like u do. When i download something, the download starts but can't be find anywhere after download complete. What i did is changed a anti-virus software that i was using, and everything works out fine after that. Hope this also help u solve ur problem.