Cannot install Realtek audio driver

I own an old NUC NUC6CAYS, I need to install Realtek audio driver because my headset has integrated microphone and without such drivers I can not talk with other people. I cannot finish the driver installation because Windows 10 automatically continues to install its stupid drivers and the Realtek audio drivers must remove Microsoft drivers and reboot before installing the new one.
I tried to remove the driver from Device management but the Realtek audio driver wizard still asks me to remove old driver and reboot. So I have no Mic.


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You can run the following command
  • pnputil /enum-drivers
  • Locate the RealTek driver and make note of the oem##.inf file name
  • pnputil /delete-driver oem##.inf /force


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The driver that windows install should allow you to use the mic as it does for me. It's more likely a windows setting. Check your settings and make sure you have microphone enabled. It's in the Privacy area then microphone.