Cannot print with any printer


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Hi All,

For the last few weeks, I have been encountering a very strange problem with my pc:

I am unable to print with any printer (I have tried printers from Brother, via wifi and usb). They do not show up in my print window, and I am unable to add them.

Some things I tried are:

- Deleting the printers, this resulted in an error message that even deleting wasn't possible

- Reïnstalling the drivers from the dedicated printer website, this resulted in an error and did not resolve the issue

- Reïnstalling Windows (while keeping the files), this did not resolve the issue

- Resetting the printer spooler service, this did not resolve the issue

I am also unable to update to Windows 11, this is probably due to the same issue

Hope someone is able to help!


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right click the Windows key and have a look at your devices