Can't access the shared folder and this is urgent

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by Nishan, Jul 27, 2015.

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    Hi, there right now i am in the middle of server management. I am using server 2003 right now and I have two OU's in the server (student and staff) and i have created a group policy for both OU's for sharing files. I have created two folders(student and staff) which is shared for each one. The folder Student is only shared for student OU and staff folder is only shared for staff OU. So now my problem is , i shared the folder from server 2003 and have given full right permission to the Users inside the OU's but when i try to access that folder it says can't access (access is denied contact the administrator). Ping is working, everything is fine just i can't access the shared folder from windows 7 client (either from student OU or from staff OU). Is there anything missing which i should do to access that folder from client?? Help will be appreciated. Thankyou
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    You need to be more specific on how you shared it (screenshots please), and also is the firewall allowing file sharing (does other file sharing work)? And what exact error do you get, is it a permission denied? Can the user browse to the root of the server (\\server) and access other resources ?
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    You'll need to consider inheritance being cascaded down from the parent container as well as nested group membership for your users in those OUs.

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