cant boot without cd (grub rescue)

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    I had a working 64gigs SSD + 160gigs (friends) HDD. Today, my new 1TB HDD arrived, so I switches the HDDs, but after I wanted to boot, weird thing happened.

    no partition
    Grub Rescue >>
    and something like that...

    Okay I tried some things I found on net, but then I just reinstalled my PC. It booted okay, everything smooth. After I restarted PC and took out the instalation CD, same happened (with new instalation).

    After I put back the CD, Windows can normally boot. Weird thing is, that when I tried to load new instalation from CD and tried to repair my Windows, it saw the instalation of my Win 7, but it was situated on D:/ disk. My system disk is actually on C:/.

    So, did something wierd happening, and the system thinks that my bootloader is situated on D:/ when its on C:/ instead? Anyone can help me with it?

    PS: I had never have a linux distro on this SSD.

    Thank You!

    edit: switching sata cable do make C:/ master helped :) LOCK pls
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