Can't Complete Install - CD/DVD Drivers Needed


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Is there any way to check the iso, or is it just trial & error?


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iso size

someone may have the CRC for 32 and 64 bit versions, not me, sorry


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I had this issue on two PC's when I tried to boot from Windows 7 RC DVD. I successfully installed it by booting to Windows XP, clicking on the D: drive and clicking Setup. Not the way an operating system is usually installed, but it worked. I'm running it on an old Dell Optiplex 190L Pentium 4 512Mb and Windows 7 looks great!


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Download file corrumped

I also had this problems and tried almost everything found on forums, but they didn't work. Then I realized that the ISO i had was of some 1.2GB. But the file originially downloaded as I remembered had been around 2.5GB, and so are the contents of the written disk.
So I found what the problem was. When the downloaded finished downloading the file, it didn't have enough disk space to extract its contents, and it just cropped the end of the iso image. So I checked the files on the written disk and really, many files have contents of zeros (you can check it in the hexa view of totalcmd lister).
The 'funny' part is that the downloader does a CRC check on the downloaded file - but the process failes after the check ...


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I had the same exact problem, looking for cd dvd drivers, and discovered it was my dvd drive itself, and all i did was pop in a different (newer) dvd player and the install went perfectly! Hope this helps!


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Windows CD/DVD drivers work around.

I had a similar situation:

Problems Were Thus:
1) Couldn't boot from a USB. Period. 3 hours on the phone with Microsoft technical support guaranteed that it was never going to work.

2) DVD would boot to the "Install" screen but then asked for CD/DVD drivers. DVD was on the Windows 7 hardware compatibility list and the download/burn process was repeated twice. No dice.

3) I was using an upgrade version of Windows 7, not the full retail, on a formatted hard drive. I thought the problem was the version I was using, so I mirrored a drive w/ an XP machine and tried that. This appears to have had no effect whatsoever.

Problems Were Solved Thusly:

1) Used the DVD to boot to the install screen. I had to eject the cd repeatedly to get it to move through the first few screens. Once you get to the CD/DVD drivers screen use the bootable USB that you made to finish the installation. If you didn't make one then go to Microsoft Store: Download Manager Help and make one.


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I am having the same problems except it is saying that it needs all the drivers. Can anyone email me please. Contact me at Thank you. Can anyone also let me know of there is a free iso that i can download from anywhere that has the full version of windows 7. Thank you very much for your help. And please do respond.


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Thanks. I found your comments helpful but not applicable.

It seems you can install Win 7 on old Toshiba Satellite even if you get a DVD driver message.

The solution that worked for me was to direct installer to browse the install CD couple of times and it worked in the end.

After that I had to restart the installation a couple of times too, to pass the "expanding stage".

It seems that it is sensitive to DVD drive or something connected with it.

I also tried to flash BIOS, and reinstall DVD driver but this was of no use.

Have fun!


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I had same issue trying to install Win7 x86 on 8 identical DELL XPS710's. 7 went just great, the 8th blew up per above generic error. Burned new DVD's slower & with different programs, no joy. Was checking BIOS settings for the IDE hiccup - nope, but I did notice I had TWO DVD from DIFFERENT manufacturer's so I put install DVD in alternate drive and installed no problem.



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Ran into this issue on a Dell Latitude E5500 with a Samsung TSST TS-L463A drive. Solution for me was this...

1. I found that the computer cd\dvd drive (even after firmware update) was having difficulty reading any "shinny disk". I had to use DVD RW disks with the blue/green tint to them (Win 7 was under 4GB).

2. I then had to take the OEM Win 7 Pro disk and create an ISO from this disk. After that I burned the ISO to a RW disk with the above tint.

3. Once the Win 7 Pro install began I got "the message" (yay!!!)

4. I did as another poster mentioned and ejected the disk and forced the Windows installer to rescan (look again) for the "missing DVD driver"

Finally, Win 7 Pro moved to the next screen and started to expand the files and install. This is an OEM Win 7 64 Bit install on this Laptop. I hope this helps someone as this was just not something I have run into before. I was just about ready to go the USB Drive install route but opted for the DVD eject rescan method.


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I had a similar problem. Windows recognised the drive but did not recognise any disk in the drive.

I stumbled on this page whilest trying to solve the problem:

Link Removed - Invalid URL

I followed the instructions and it worked:)

I dont guarantee that it will always work, but i can't see why it wouldn't.


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