Windows 7 Can't connect to Wi-Fi!


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Ok so I just switched from Ubuntu 14.04 to Windows 7 (finallyyyy) and now I am stucked with a problem that I never encountered yet. When I want to connect to my Wi-Fi, it's said:

"Aucune connexion n'est disponible"

No connection is available.
"Installez un pilote pour votre carte réseau. Windows n'a pas détecté de carte réseau correctement installée. Si vous avez une carte réseau, vous devez réinstaller le pilote.

Install a driver for your network card. Windows has not detected any network card correctly installed. If you have a network card, you need to reinstall the driver.

So.. how do I install that «driver»? I am currently writing on my father's computer but I have attached the .nfo file of my laptop if needed.

Thanks everyone! And sorry for my not-so-bad english!
-Zeyofa (Gab)


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And sorry for my not-so-bad english!-Zeyofa (Gab)
I like that. Mostly people are sorry for their bad English. A bit like Winston Churchill said, It takes courage to stand up and speak - it also takes courage to sit down and listen.

In the technical, I'd agree with badrobot.