Cant delete file

There is a file on my computer i can not delete. I tried deleted it before, but now if i search for it, and when i delete it from the search menu it says i need to verify the files location. But when i go to the files location its not in there. I have tried many programs to delete it, but it never dose, any help would be great.

- dave

Yes, i have tried that program and it still does not work. Any other suggestions?

got me :confused:

its not a program, just a file


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Have you tried to remove the registry entry? It may go after you do that but be carefull!



I have exact same problem...file will not erase no matter what. Any new answers to this problem?

Thanks, Lords


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Do you know which program the file was in originally? What is the name of the file.
One way which I have tried in the past, both with Vista and XP, is to do an exact match search in the registry and delete all instances. But if the file has a name common to other programs, that could, of course, lead to a disaster.

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