Cant find simple answer to....

saving NTUSER.DAT is easy, but how to restore it into current user account without restarting computer and having to create another account, login into that another account as administrator and copy file to that other account i am trying to restore NTUSER.DAT for ?

There must be easier way to do it. I dont care it in the end i would have to restart, i just dont want to restart/create user/copy/restart again/erase old user thats just to much work if u ask me :)

Also loading registry HIVE from NTUSER.DAT is not loading it at all, it give me ERROR
It asking me for a KEY before it loads NTUSER.DAT and i dont know the key so i leave it blank and click ok.
Result is: Cannot load NTUSER.DAT: Error while loading the hive

can anyone help ?
Why i need this ? Well i reinstall windows sometimes several times per day (testing purposes DONT ASK :mad:)
and i get tired to set everything up again and again to my personal preference. Things like folder view settings and desktop settings/power/control panel view/folder types view.

I know most of them can be restored with backed up .reg file, but i cant find the way to restore settings regardint folder type view. I set all my folders audio/video/pictures/documents/my computer to 1 same view but i had to do it for each folder type. If i knew where windows 7 saving such prefferences in the registry i wouldnt even ask about NTUSER.DAT
i think that NTUSER.DAT has information on how to display folders for different folder types.

Maybe you guys can tell me how to backup and restore folder icons size for all folder types ?

BIG BIG BIG thanks in advance if any useful info replied..:D

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