Can't find what I download


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The thing is that I've used this same desktop since beta in Windows 7.

So I don't have to wade through it, I know where everything is, and it's all organised.

Games on the right, then Windows Tools, next, my graphic arts software and last my Video and 3D software, and everything is one click away.

I can open as many windows as I want and run 3 or 4 programs at the same time, something that's common with the the graphic arts stuff.

And I can access Skype, the Snipping Tool, my search application, Word, my browser and File Explorer all while I have a window open.

For me it just works a lot better then going to the Metro screen, finding the icon I want and then having no task bar or the ability to open additional windows.

Everyone has there own work style, that's always been the best thing about Windows, you can use it the way your want to.

Fortunately because of software like Classic Shell that's still true.

Also while I do after all these years remember what the icons are, if you point at them the title appears in large type above it.

I'm 76, to old to change my way of working now. LOL


Got to go with Dave on this one and admit that having everything on the C: drive represented in a row of tiny, label-less icons wouldn't help me, either. However, it is probably therapeutic as brain exercise to delay the onset of what's-his'name's disease.


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Hi again.

The thing is that it's not just the icons, which do have titles, and are linked to 4 different hard drives, but the fact that they only represent a small part of the programs I have installed.

These are the programs that I use on a regular basis, some every day, just one click and it's open.

When I go into Metro I'm faced with not only over 400 icons in the all programs screen but the loss of functionality that goes with the way that Metro works, like multiple windows etc.

To me it just doesn't make sense, I can see how it would work fine for someone who isn't doing real work on their computer but to do graphic design, film editing and things like that it just doesn't work.

For browsing, email, opening games I can see it, but not for multitasking.

I have my Start screen pared down to 115 icons, that's where I go when I need things that aren't on my Rocket Dock.


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Not a problem for somebody who can win 100 games of Freecell.


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"When I go into Metro I'm faced with not only over 400 icons"

Meet you half way on that one! My picture represents ALL of my regular programs and links. Frankly, I dont think , in my lifetime, I have ever used 400 different ones, so you are way ahead of me there.


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Yeah, the problem is that Windows 8 puts all of the icons on the same page without folders.

Many programs I have installed have a number of icons that are normally in a folder that are almost or never used.

I.e. Uninstall etc.

For instance Windows Accessories has 14 icons in it.
Administrative Tools has 23!

So right there you have 37 icons where I used to have 2, etc.

When you have 100 software programs installed with all of their associated icons for web links, Uninstalls Preferences and no folders to hide them in it just gets out of hand.

So I end up with 400+ icons on my all programs page.

If Metro had Folders I would use it.

If I could have one folder for Adobe Photoshop and have the 4 or 5 icons that go along with the .exe file all in one place it would greatly simplify the whole thing.

Maybe this isn't practical on a pad or a phone but it is on a PC.

The truth is that the old Programs menu with it's folders and individual icons for often used applications really works great.


PS. This discussion prompted me to look at how I had things organised and I have revised my desktop, by incorporating a few folders into my Rocket Dock, and consolidating some of my Icons.

As you see in the image I have created a 3D folder that has all my 3D related links, and a G folder that holds my graphic arts program links, greatly reducing the number of icons on the bar.

I also created a S, folder that has the links related to Skyrim and the modding software.
I may consolidate the Windows maintenance tools into a folder as well reducing the number by and additional 5 icons.

By the way I'm seeing this on a 27" monitor so these icons are actually pretty big to start with.

Now the icons are large enough for people with old eyes, like me.

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