I want to do a fresh install, can't find an ISO download.

Hey there,

I want to do a fresh installation, I have an OEM copy of Windows 7 Home Premium and I'm entitled to use the software. The people at Microsoft customer service are all foreign, very difficult to understand and won't budge an inch on anything. Worst customer service I've ever experienced.

I want to install Windows 7 fresh from an ISO because the OEM has all sorts of junk programs associated with it. I also want to upgrade to an SSD instead of my HDD. I can't find an official download for the Windows 7 Home Premium software anywhere. I'm pretty close to just pirating the software because no official route for download exists and I've paid for the god damned software already.

How can Microsoft just abandon all support for an operating system that is still so widely used?

If anyone can provide a mirror to a legit copy of the Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit ISO, that'd be much appreciated. I just want to create a bootable Windows 7 USB stick.

No WAY am I going to shell out ANOTHER £100 for an operating system, especially when they're promising to give out Windows 10 for free to Windows 7 users soon.

Just to add, the ISO download with product key verification brings back this result, disgusting...



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That's because it is OEM - you didn't buy your op sys from MS, you haven't shelled out £100, you got it from your hardware manufacturer - the oem. The only way you can clean up an oem install of junkware is to do just that - run a recovery install from you recovery partition/recovery dvd and clean it up by uninstalling what you don't want. It's the best way anyway as if you install from a retail version of Windows you'll have all the messing about identifying drivers and installing them.

Personally I'm pretty tech savvy, I hate the whole OEM thing. When they sell you a computer they should give you a fresh ISO installation disk and a disk with drivers on it. I'd pay a little extra for that.

I've purchased a student copy of Windows 8.1, not particularly happy about it as I do prefer Windows 7 but I guess it wasn't anywhere near as expensive as I expected so that's okay.

Pretty frustrated by the entire thing but at least the chat customer service rep that I spoke to was very well spoken and knew her stuff, unlike the phone team.

In response to you telling me I didn't pay for the operating system, I did pay for it, I paid when I bought the computer, I own the license to that product. It's just a technical thing to prevent people from re installing their copy too much to extract more £££ from people who want to upgrade components.


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In response to you telling me I didn't pay for the operating system, I did pay for it,
Where did I say that? Part of the price you paid for your pc included the cost of an oem operating system - that is what you paid for, that is what you've got and, as you say yourself, that is what you own a license for no more and no less.

So you'd disagree with me saying that it's a business tactic to extract more money from PC upgraders?


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Microsoft has restricted access to it's various ISO files and most of the old download resources we used to use simply go no where anymore.
If you have a product key you should be able to obtain an ISO file from here


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It does not really matter what you think. You are stuck with your OEM disc. There are no more Windows 7 isos for download or even for sale - unless you want to venture into Ebay.

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