Windows 7 Can't get past "Starting Windows" screen.


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Jul 4, 2013
I have finished putting together a computer today and all I needed to do was install windows 7, however it keeps freezing at the "starting windows" screen before the microsoft logo appears. I have literally tried everything to fix it but nothing works so I've come here in hope of some help.

Is this after the install completes and windows is loading, or when the install starts?
A new build I would try defaulting the BIOS, reseating memory & CPU, if more than one stick of RAM try each one one at a time

It's after the "Window is loading files", it comes up to say "Starting Windows" where the microsoft logo normally appears above it and then it just stops. However, I'm not actually sure which slots the RAM is meant to go in because the motherboard manual is the least helpful thing, so I moved the RAM around and it got a bit further and the Windows logo actually appeared this time but it still froze. I've reset the BIOS and the memory but not the CPU yet.

If you have 2 or more try just one stick that way it should not give you any problems with double or triple channel issues. Most of the time with a single stick it will work in any slot. Usually the manual will show you where to put the RAM.

Wow... I've finally got past it after spending this whole day trying to fix it, the manual didn't show me where to put the RAM, or I may have misunderstood. But I tried the RAM in many different layouts and finally it works with 2 in the middle out of 4, really weird layout but hey windows is finally installing now.

Glad you got it working on my board they color coded the slots, I only have four and only double channel, so as long as I put the sticks in the same color slots they worked.