hey guys i need help well let me start by saying i have windows 7 64bit Home Edition running now. i bought windows 8 pro from microsoft site so i downloaded the file everything seem, fine but once it restarts the first time at the new windows 8 blue logo all it does is load and load and it seem it gets stuck at loading screen so i force the computer to shut down and back to windowns 7
I had the exact same O/S as you. I downloaded the upgrade last week no problem and installed it no problem.
It did take some time to install. seemed at times like it was not doing anything but it actually was behind the scenes..
I guess it took like 45 minutes or more to complete the download and install in my case. I believe it restarted couple of times during install etc..
are you forcing shut down before it completes, thinking it not installing by chance.. like I said above it took some time.
try that maybe..
good luck.
After the download did you burn the ISO to a DVD? When you burn the ISO it's best to use a speed of 4 X max. Also did you do a hash check on the download?