can't launch apps after applying windows 7 updates of 12/13/2011


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Agree strongly with saltgrass on this one. The utility is correctly (?) called "Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats" The name itself is misleading. It is only intended for earlier versions than 2007, but for 2007. It could well be one of the reasons for the updates you are being offered. But, if you did install the other "security" updates for 2007, I think it would be a good idea to uninstall them again. Other than that, if you are sure 2007 is not lurking on your system, then all should no run fine.

Maybe a red herring, but looking at your clip made me browse a little, and I did find this:

Remove lightscribecontrolpanel.exe virus | lightscribecontrolpanel error | lightscribecontrolpanel.exe


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Thanks for the comments Dave.

I don't see Microsoft Office 2007 in the Start --> All Programs list and I don't see the name in Control Panel --> Programs,
assuming it would have a name similar to Microsoft Office 2010.

I mentioned/asked whether the 2007 compatibility software was present to allow me to save 2010 Word docs as .doc rather than .docx (for recipients who don't have 2010 Office and maybe can't read .docx files). Is it used only to allow pre-2007 Office to read 2007 file formats?

I don't mind reversing the 2007 updates and removing the 2007 Office software, but I don't think those updates caused my original problem.

Thanks again.


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You can save 2007 documents by default to docs. Word options - save - "save files in this format" ..... needs no adds.

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I uninstalled all the updates for Office 2007 Compatibility. Then I uninstalled the Office 2007 Compatibility programs thermselves.

Now a new thread might be useful for what happened: I did a hard reboot (Shut down --> power on) after all this.
When the notebook came back, I saw the same original symptoms: I could not launch some apps from the task bar.
For example, watching task manager, when I selected Outlook it would appear in the process list with 120k memory and just stop; no UI ever displayed and memory never increased. Same for Firefox, it would appear in the process list with 140k then stop.

Then I did a soft Restart...the symptoms went away. I could launch all apps from the task bar.

It looks like a hard reboot somehow disables some of the apps on the task bar; a soft reboot restores them.
Does that make any sense?

Anyway, thank again for your help.


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Well, a cold boot cleans out the memory and any other left over process. A restart does not clean everything out of the memory. So I would think, something is not being loaded correctly during the original boot and needs the restart to complete the process.

Maybe comparing the running processes and services in Task Manager would give you a clue. Make sure and check the button for all users on the processes page. I like to use the snipping tool for things like this and set one column up so it lines up the same way both times, like alphabetical.

I suppose you could also pause during the boot to see if delaying the process would help..

I have a related issue. After applying updates on 12/14/11 by Automatic update, i am unable to install or run the application Label Factory Deluxe from Art Explosion. The issue starts with "labeler.ini appears to be corrupted" if i update the permissions on the Art Explosion folder in Program files then i can run the program but, i get a host of additional errors when i try to print. this issue is occurring both in Windows 7 and windows XP.

If I do a system restore to a date prior to the 12/13/11 updates the program will work after being reinstalled. Any thoughts on the reason for this or the specific update that my cause this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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