can't login to windows


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This morning I came to work and found 3 PC with the same behavior.
Starting PC, sometimes it opens log in windows, but if u too late it just stucked and won't let u do anything just spinning.
If u fast, and put password as soon as log in window shows up it let u log in, but then it stucked in windows with spinning cursor.
What I tried already:
1. restored to the earlier date - no luck
2. start in safe mode (it let u work in safe mode), start sfc /scannow - no errors.
3. start in safe modem, scanned from viruses - no viruses.

What u can offer more?
Thanks in advance.


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What end point protection is in use? In safe mode look in the event viewer for errors regarding locked NTUser.dat files.


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Eset end point protection using on all 3 PC's. Looked in event viewer... like nothing happened, only see "Unexpected system shutdown" which was made by me, because of hopelessness...
Is it only me face up with this kind of behavior on 3 PC at one day??? Strange...


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Restore to earlier date did not help. I wonder if one of the drivers was updated with last update and I really wonder if a restore to earlier date restores all drivers to, I don't think so. To me it looks like a driver issue.
Any one?
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Did not find an answer, so end up with reinstall... it's really ridiculous... I'm sure 90% it is MS update. I hate MS more and more...